Saturday, 17 September 2011

Happy New Year

Ughhh, not that again . . .
Yes. That time will be upon us all very soon, and remember folks, it could be the last one, unless you have a seat reserved on the green lizard escape ship when it slips out of Bugarach around December the ?
So, what better way to celebrate the ultimate one, than to have Les Malfonctionnaires play for you. Solidly booked up until December 28th . . . er, not quite,  we are looking for a home for New Year's Eve. Les Malfoncs are all house trained, very friendly, and will play until you shake your asses off . . . so to speak. Check our face book page or site: http:/

Next gig: La tournebelle, Gruissan 29th October: 04 58 75 40 84

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