Thursday 6 September 2012


Music can effect everything even housework.
I have favourite well-worn 'tunes' I put on for the morning whip round with brush and mop.
If everyone else is out on the school run I usually put on a CD of a live OKGO concert: something about it just makes stuff like sweeping less tedious. Somebody, Mark probably, has hidden the CDs or there is some new cataloging system I'm not aware of . . . anyway this morning it was Philip Glass.
Best mopping music: Radiohead, if you feeling a bit manic, Skyscrapers by OKGO as seen in older post, if you want to pretend you are in some majestic tango grapple with your own special mop.
Bluegrass for cheerful hastiness, the blues, if you are melancholically resigned to it, or late 70's early 80's minimalist music with a driving rhythm. Dear Mr Glass I'm sure you didn't compose this for housework efficiency but it really is the best.

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