Sunday, 14 October 2012

Help me, I should be working

That's the trouble with Youtube: you go to look up how to cast off a piece of knitting, or how to cook a fish you've never heard of that someone has given you, and before you know it an hour has vanished - never to return, lost in trivia space.
I did check who the wonderful girlies were in the previous post. They were women, not men, and the hair was real, and they sang terrible songs. I also found some like-minded musers out there, which was fascinating.

I thought I should just embellish my blog with a few more album cover masterworks before I start what I was supposed to be doing this afternoon.

Think I'd like to redecorate our bathroom with the top one. It's beyond the flat world society, more the world is flat, but also held in space by a mad grinning German guy.

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