Sunday, 28 October 2012

Fourteen hours

I woke up this morning with this melody in my mind.
Yesterday it was a nasty song from the 70's by Black Lace . . . God knows why I was using my brain cells up on storing that. Have deleted it now.
Mark played this tune - dirge, possibly - for over twenty two hours, only stopping for a pee twice, (just as well it wasn't me playing) and drinking occasional sips of black tea. It was very weird to see his clean-shaven face gradually changing to the dark shadow of stubble, and his eyes twitch slightly as his brain screamed for sleep.
This film was fourteen hours into the performance of Satie's Vexations, the tune beginning to shift slightly as Mark's concentration dipped in and out of reality. If you are interested, look at the other films on Youtube; he does make it to the end and doesn't collapse in a crumpled heap as I thought he might.
He's played 'Vexations' before, when he was about twenty, and he's threatening to do it a third time.
I think it aged me about three years. Please don't.

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