Monday, 17 August 2015

Songs of life No 7

Dance music - I'd have to have a few examples, but how to whittle it down to one record . . .
Throughout the years, dancing, whether to Le Freak in a grimy Bournemouth disco, Black Box in a Mansfield pub, Leftfield in Brixton's The Fridge, or Parov Stellar in my front room, has been essential to most days.
After learning the basics of 'beat mixing' I did D.J ing for a couple of years with some old monster Technic decks while building up a collection of vinyl favourites (which now sit in flight cases as my ears had started to protest).
I had a look through them recently (records, not ears) with the thought of selling a few and remembered all the various gigs, and drunken people getting into my record boxes, howling for Hotel California/anything by Abba/Dire Straights. Possibly the most memorable gig was a wedding where the bride fell over while dancing to Fat Boy Slim, broke her arm and had to be ambulanced off to Carcassonne hospital while the evening carried on.
So, which would it be . . . Can You Feel It - Jacksons? Weapon of Choice - Fat Boy Slim, Sex Machine - James Brown, Connected - Stereo M.Cs, Love Shack - B 52s, I feel Love, Donna Summer, Rock The Casbah - The Clash, Love Cats - The Cure, Got to give it up - Marvin Gaye, and so on . . . Mm, think possibly it would have to be this: Funkstar De Luxe vs. Bob Marley - Sun Is Shining for the memories and for its . . . just its danceability.

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