Saturday, 5 December 2015

Action dog - sofa slob

'Don't these dogs need a lot of exercise'?  said a fellow hound-walker the other day on observing the keen-ness in our two Galgo's (Spanish Greyhounds) strides.

They do - but preferably in the form of a rabid sprint round a field, after which they will happily amble home and collapse onto a sofa.
Long slower walks are good too, but watching them this morning I think I've got the formula right, for me too: brisk walk up a hill, let them off the leads and gawp in admiration as they blur past, tongues lolling; walk back, them to collapse, me to get on with some work feeling refreshed and a perhaps a little lighter of flab.
I'm not sure what you do if you live in a city with these dog-types - borrow a dog track?



Husband is similar although he does more sprinting (work) and less sofa-slobbing.

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