Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Never work with animals or children

That's what photographers used to say when I was a stylist.
And it was true . . . The times I had stood in a studio waiting while a harassed mother tried to coax a toddler into sitting still for the required photo, or watching with suppressed laughter while someone chased a cat around the room after it had just been groomed for the millionth time ready for its fifteen seconds of fame as the star of Purry Chunks, or similar.
Baby clothes catalogues were probably the worst. We used to have about three babies in reserve as the time limit on prodding (however gently) an infant into the right pose was . . . short, to say the least before the 'whaaing' would set in.
These days photography for me tends to be snapping odd buildings, plants, etc, the family, and our dogs - usually difficult to capture as they move fast, unless asleep (dogs, not family). This moment though was an exception. 'Bali' had obviously seen a rabbit or other small beast and was 'frozen' giving me enough time to struggle the camera over thick coat, switch it on and snap just before she leapt.


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