Tuesday 10 May 2016

Common sense

I was in our favourite small French seaside village a couple of days ago when an elderly friend waved me over to his table outside the café.
'Is it not great zat your London Town 'az a new mayor?"
"Uh?' I had said thinking of the blond . . . person who seemed to have there for ever.
"Yes - et, c'est incroyable 'e is of the workers' party!"
I sat down, ordered tea and discussed this amazing piece of news, feeling pathetic that he, in this tiny village, knew, and I did not. Mind, I had gone away specifically to turn off all stuff connecting me to the outside world for a few days.
So, how brilliant and wonderful to have a Labour party, Muslim mayor born of a seamstress mother and a bus driver father as the mayor of this vibrantly multicultural city of Europe. He probably even went to the same horrible comprehensive school that I went to in Haringey.
I was interested to hear that dear Mr Trump said, (as an exception, mind), that he (Khan) would be allowed in to the USA if he himself (God forbid) becomes president; and even more interested to hear that Mr Khan would not choose to enter (in in fact could not enter on account of his religion) that same landmass if the afore-mentioned other blond . . . person did by some bizarre, freak parallel universe accident/God-joke, end up in the White House.



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