Saturday, 8 July 2017

Funny how things turn out . . .

The first board game that our son devised was a hexagonal cardboard affaire, when he was about four. No one understood it, possibly including himself, but it was the start of something that has continued off and on until his nineteenth year.
Now at the end of his art foundation year, and after many, many started, ripped up, mulled over, abandoned and occasionally finished attempts, his board games have matured into something that I could imagine on a game shop's shelf.
This one, featuring a reoccurring theme of mining, has been played by various people and has been deemed to be 'good'. To me, not-overly-keen-on-board-game, person, it's a rather beautiful example and culmination of his love of game construction and fascination of old, disused factory buildings and abandoned mines.
I'll be interested to see how this combination developed in his following years at fine art school . . .

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