Sunday, 31 December 2017

A dog's life


Yes, we do spoil her, and the other Spanish greyhound who (and I say who as they are beings, although regarded largely in Spain as objects, along with wardrobes, shoes, etc) live under our roof. By some happy little twist of fate - for them, and us - they ended up gracing our sofas rather than slumped miserably in a concrete pen somewhere.
Anyone looking to take on a 'second-hand' dog, consider one of these magnificent hounds.

Amongst their many attributes:

Sweet nature, playful (when not too psychologically damaged by their previous existence)
non-smelling, except for a slight odour of warm toast,
practically no hair-dropping,
will walk for hours, or will make do with a couple of half hour walkies per day and then flop to any available soft surface (preferably a sofa) and remain immobile until food/more walks happen,
and, so beautiful to look at - rather like sharing one's abode with a couple of elegant deer - with long waggy tails.

Bali, in the top photo, is, I think, a true example of what these dogs would be like if they were not beaten, dragged behind vans, stabbed to make them go faster, and all the other horrors they see and/or experience.
She is completely confident, funny and utterly loving, having escaped the normal 'Galgos' life at an early age (abandoned pup). Our other dog - Gala is gradually becoming less neurotic over the years. She would always scarper at the sight of Mark, and just about any other man for the first two years, but with the introduction of Bali, her fear has slowly dissipated. Now she will share the sofa with him, take food from him and generally is part of the pack.


A link to one of the Galgos adoption sites who operate in the UK, France, Netherlands, etc.

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