Tuesday 2 February 2010

Ages and stages

This is our boy. Now twelve and looking a bit cute with his untamed blondish hair.
He announced that he had a problem today — nothing bad he assured me, just that some girls had said their friend loves him . . . Suddenly the whole next stage of life for him was in front of me: love, longing, rejection, angst.
Luckily, Ezra is firmly into keeping fish, drawing and gardening at the moment and the girl/or, boy thing is not even a blip on his horizon. He is convinced he won't get married, has his house all planned out, and has decided to downgrade from a Jaguar to something a little smaller in order to be able to spend more on fish-keeping.
Of course the love thing can be fairly straight forward.
My cousin is married to the first man (boy) who asked her for a date at the age of sixteen when we went to the local cricket club disco. They are happy, have two wonderful children, superb house, did everything in the right order . . . others, such as myself, made a huge emotional messes for years and years until finally getting it right. I am however greatly relieved not to be married to my first 'love' — Luton town-supporting, moped-riding, depressive person with horrible domineering mother.
I can remember the total joy on my mothers face as I told her I had decided to get out of the relationship, even though we jointly owned a hideous, hand-painted Mini.
Oh, to be twelve again . . . actually I'm not sure if I would want to be, forty-nine seems OK, even though I told the (French) doctor the other day that I was eighty-nine; he remarked that I seemed in excellent shape for someone of that age . . . 

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  1. hehe, it seems only yesterday my boy only wanted skateboarding, mountainbiking and guitar playing. At 17 only the guitar playing remains.........and interest in girls has well and truly kicked in!

    Watching your youngster grow into a man you are proud of, it's something to cherish. And Ezra is so lucky to have such a switched on Mum!