Saturday, 10 November 2012

Oer, what does this button do?

New camera in the house. Birthday present, long talked about - it's arrived, all black and ergonomically shaped, sporting many buttons and dials. My anti-technology forcefield kicked in as I opened the box and has remained fairly well in tact.
The manual was only in French or Inuit so it sat there for a little longer until we bought a Digital for Dummies book for the exact model. Interestingly, how many of those books are there out there? Is there one for every single challenge facing us? The dummies guide to what to do with old chip oil? Or the meaning of life perhaps - a slim volume no doubt.
Anyway, the book has arrived. I looked in it a few minutes ago and had to go and play the guitar, make some tea and clean the kitchen, oh and do this blog post. The photo above of small runty dog, looking rather dapper I thought, is to prove to myself that I did work out how to turn the camera on. Now for the serious stuff.

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