Friday, 16 November 2012

Oh uh ah no **** arg!!

I don't know why, but sometimes bits of me in the middle of the night suddenly become more profoundly asleep than the rest of my body - a whole leg, a hand, last night my left arm. This results in me waking in a panic, swearing and roughly shaking poor Mark: Arrgg, JESUS F CHRIST! my leg, help, it's gone. . . maybe never to return! Or * @$@+!!**^+?*!! my arm - OMG it's stuck in a weird shape . . . forever, HELP ME!!!
Mark grunts and turns over knowing that the momentary mayhem will pass and it's really not worth waking up for. Then I really wake up, the limb returns and I feel rather stupid . . .
I think if I were to record these night time disturbances the result would be like some of Mr Shatner's finest acting moments. Bless him.
Incidentally, I find the moment where Jim is obviously really about to kiss Spock strangely erotic . . .

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