Sunday, 1 January 2017

Happy, productive and positive New Year

Yes, 2016 had its moments . . . some of which are coming to further fruition (rather mildewed fruition): a neon-haired, totally-unsuitable person takes office in the USA, and an unclear, Europe, or no-Europe, and 'how long will any possible process take' thing for the UK.
New Year's resolutions . . . they never really work but I'll try for: being more in the moment - making each day count, less procrastination, and encouraging us to making a guilt free house  - less, 'Oh, no you didn't break another teapot,' or 'well, it was you who had the car key last'. This stuff is wearing and unnecessary; we all make mistakes, break things and lose things. I believe there are people somewhere on the planet who don't have a word for blame - 'oh, the teapot broke' or 'okay, let's all have a look for the car key', I don't know where they are, these people but I salut them and wish them also a happy and contented New Year.
So, today, after a small and contained party last evening, I'm briefly alone, the men folk and dogs out on a hike; the sun is shining like a mad thing, there are chickens gathering on all the window sills as in Hitchcock's masterpiece, and I'm feeling good - cue, who was that song by, must check youtube/Spotify . . . No, I will curb the urge and finish the list of jobs, happy 2017 phone calls, and then get back to Chapter 5 in my latest writing project.

Image for the first day of 2017: a small, well-looked after, bright blue, perky boat. May we all feel as sea-worthy/river-worthy for the majority of the coming months.

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