Thursday, 12 January 2017

Minor discoveries

So small that no one else would be remotely interested, except our dogs and maybe the other members of my family.
For about three years we have been making the short drive up to the 'runnies field' not runny as in something custard-like, as in an extension of 'walkies'. Our dogs - greyhounds - need to run, even if only after each other and finding a safe space to do this was a tad challenging. We now have a 'menu' of runnies fields where farmers don't seem to mind dogs hurtling over their pastures, and roads are far enough away (these dogs don't seem to notice any form of vehicle, even if bearing down on them).
So, the minor discovery . . .
Where we park at the most visited field, there is a stone arch with various weather-mangled signs reading 'keep out' and 'beware, mines' etc, attached to the surrounding trees. As I've never seen anyone on this piece of land and an arch (naturally) invites one to step through . . . we did so.
Nothing happened; we didn't get blown up, or fall into a shaft (depending on the mine) but we (I) -dogs not being overly interested in views - did see the familiar landscape from a whole new visual perspective.
I've only observed the river Aude from standing on the banks and looking left or right along its length; now it was visible as if from a plane coming in to land, or almost resembled a lake banked by winter plane trees.



We walked all around the odd hillock of land which appeared to be a cross between a place of leisure (now abandoned) and a storage place for building materials - small piles of marble off-cuts, tiles, posts, and most odd, a large granite sarcophagus complete with massive carved cross.
It was faintly creepy - the whole place. I turned a few times half-expecting a David Lynch film crew, me an unwitting 'extra'.


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