Saturday, 7 January 2017

Things of unexpected beauty

An ancient bottle of Blanc de blancs provence wine from our friends' new house's wine cellar.
I asked if I could have it - not to drink as it would probably be somewhat less than quaffable by now, but just to add to our collection of many other peculiar objects. It now graces our mantle-piece, a slightly ethereal glowing object enrobed in dust from many decades. I particularly like the delicate rusted wire and 1970s? typeface.
The previous house-owners had left about a hundred bottles of white, red and rosé, sadly most of it undrinkable, but there were a few bouvable gems such as a couple of good Bordeaux wines that were meant to be stored and some 'marc' - battery-acid strength grappa-type stuff, but most of it should have been drunk within the first few years of storage. Odd as they were 'vignerons' - wine growers . . .

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