Monday, 20 July 2020

Making do

Now more than ever this seems relevant.
I've always been a jumble sale/boot sale/charity shop addict - coached well by my mother and she by her mother. Nothing was ever wasted, things that our society would now hurl bin-wards would be picked undone, glued back together and re-purposed.
My book, LONDONIA, is largely concerned with such practices, the populace left to fend for themselves outside the copper walls of the inner sanctum, getting by and making do.
I've just rounded up all black leather articles in the house and used up the leather dye I bought last year to do Mark's All Saints jacket which was beginning to look more than a bit faded . . .
The messenger bag was bought in Spain about twelve years ago and was expensive but it shows how well-crafted things last; a quick sponge down with the dye and it's ready to go again, possible Bag-for life? The shoes are Churches brogues which he bought about thirty-five years ago and were a rather unpleasant tan colour; the dyeing from two years ago is still good but I topped it up a little.
The jacket is looking better again and a bag I bought years ago, used countless times but again a good brand has been dye-rescued.
A friend recounted an interesting statistic yesterday . . . there is enough clothing on the planet to last for six generations. As mentioned by Patrick Grant on 'The Great British Sewing Bee.'
Makes one think...



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