Saturday, 25 July 2020

The unbearable heaviness of moving

Moving as in, house.
We've been in the same abode for about fourteen years and have accumulated a billion things, some of which are worthwhile, wonderful, spirit-lifting, practical, inspiring, heart-warming, educational, etc, and then all the other stuff; a slit-like layer of boot sale, spur-of-the-moment minor acquisitions; things that were relevant at whatever particular moment in time the item represents and now not remotely relevant but oh so hard to shed...
We've all reached the same slightly blank state of mind which envelopes one after too much sorting and packing up; a state which involves just staring helplessly at the mountain of books, CDs, socks, bed linen, photograph albums, paintings, pans, et al and wondering what it all means. What it will all mean in the next house? What will it all mean to our son? mind, quite a bit of it is his anyway.
But we have had many good purges along the way, and more will follow. What great satisfaction there is to be had in dropping off a boot load of stuff to our local, marvellous recycling emporium - (probably 50% of it all came from there . . .)

Here is a random collection of stuff under consideration - found in a drawer this morning.
Tiny glass animals Ezra purchased on some holiday trip somewhere. Nostalgia kicks in - have to keep them.  The various body casts of 'Reggie Kray' a pet crayfish which grew to an enormous size and ate most of Ezra's fish in one of his aquarium phases. Think these will have to go - a tad gruesome and I feel the ghost of him still lurks.
A minute statue of Mary from a junk market in Toulouse, various fossils from an early collection mine or Ezra, or both. We'll keep all of these. I think.

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