Friday, 31 July 2020

old dog, new tricks

A very apt phrase concerning our older greyhound. She must be about twelve now and although agile still spends most of her time (as greyhounds do) looking beautiful on the sofa.
However... within the last few months Gala has discovered the joy of WATER.
At first it was tentative paw in a stream, quick drink and out again; now it's increased to a joyful springy run towards any stretch of water, preferably with a good patch of mud or sand to play about in too.
I think she must be reliving or rather living her puppyhood of which she was cheated being a beaten rescue dog from Spain.
Adopt a 'Galgo/Galga''. The most loving, funny, affectionate, wonderful to look at and sadly maltreated dogs . . .


                    default greyhound position - nodding off on sofa after 'walkies'


                                                                 Joy of mud


                                                                Joy of water

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