Tuesday 14 July 2020

Walk cataloguing. Walk No 2

The Ajac walk.

In previous walk-catalogue post, I explained that we are moving North-Westwards, therefore all walks that we hold dear from this region must be recorded, and possibly put into a book called, walks in the Aude or something more interesting but for now, I'll include them on this blog.

So, the Ajac walk.
This is a varying length walk, can be a longish circuit of three or four hours depending on heat, or whether Mark is on the walk - very, very long legs - or it can be just a pleasant amble along a winding stream with all associated insect, flora and bird life. This morning, as it is plum season here (far too early - used to be end of August...) it was a dog amble with bags ready to scrump free fruit.
The tree I thought I had remembered must have been on another walk, or perhaps I dreamt it - an enormous umbrella of a tree covered with almost black plums - but we found clutch of other trees at the edge of a vine field, each branch weighed down with pounds of fruit, and just ripe enough to make perfect jam.
The dogs romped in the stream, chased each other up and down the grassy pathways and generally built up memories for later snoozing on the sofa - the twitching feet and the occasional muffled bark as they dozily reenact the walk.


Walk's start in Ajac village


               The walk down towards the stream


                  happy dog (Gala has recently discovered the joys of stream bathing)

The sort of shed I would build


                           Plum scrumping in RayBans


           Not such a good apricot year, but we found a few

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