Monday, 25 February 2013

Soulja Boy Tell'em - Pretty Boy Swag

Ezra and I were having a quick look at the worst records of 2012 this morning.
Most of them featured six main elements: pneumatic-breasted women, auto tune, fast cars, wads of cash, lurid jewellery, and the same 'melody' oh, six actually, Miami.
This offering, actually from 2010, still seems to stand out as a particularly fine example of this musical genre. It's so appalling that I'm still not sure if it's 'serious' or a piss-take.
Wikipedia lists him as a rapper, record producer, actor, and entrepreneur. He was on the 'Forbes list' of hip hop Cash Kings of 2010 earning seven million$ that year.
Actor yes, good, in that he can do this glossy video without actually bursting out into fits of self -parodying laughter. Rapper? Back in the days of good ol' Grandmaster Flash, people actually used to sing real lyrics about real life situations.
Best Youtube comments: Music is dead. My ears are violated.

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