Monday, 8 April 2013

On the brink

There was a huge amount of news coverage in the UK about the rattling of nuclear weapons in North Korea - seems to be a little more than rattling this time. I started to wander about on the net finding images of the Jongs. They did and do appear to spend a vast amount of time looking at things: baby clothes, vegetables, guns, eggs and so on.
I suppose it's a bit like our local mayor who's always in the local paper, shaking hands, presenting cheques etc, but he's not usually looking at a chicken or a pair of shoes with a crowd of people in military uniform behind him.
I read in a newspaper somewhere that to celebrate his birthday, Kim Jong Un generously supplied two pounds of sweets to every child in the country . . . useful when most families are struggling against famine.
Here are a few super pics:  (Kim Jong-IL looking at things tumbler and other sites.)

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