Thursday, 17 March 2016

post for Mark's 50th


           Mark performing one of his 'Grand Haiku', pieces, recently at La Fabrique, Carcassonne

oops I mean 60th . . . it just doesn't seem possible. I still think of him being about thirty-five.
Early start to the day - 6.00 am with tea and presents, the main one being a painting I commissioned from  friend, Didier (wonderful); a flash fiction story from me and a grunt from Ezra - I think his offering will be later in the day.
The dogs hadn't peed in the house during the night, the doves were lined up waiting to be fed and the air outside had a definite tinge of real spring about it - bird song too.
Not a bad start to a birthday, even though he had to go off to teach all day. See you after work for the next instalment, (surprise) if you read this, Mark.


               Mark with accordion, piano, cello, dogs and us - by Didier Bourdon

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