Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Soul photography and topiary

Thanks, Penny (great friend and great photographer) for spotting and photographing this most wonderful example.
I've seen mushrooms, badly shaped peacocks and chess pieces, but never a tree-hugging/climbing/humping animal.

                                                                Topiary du jour

Penny Millar, not often so much a topiary documenter, is a talented photographer, especially in the field of portraiture.
'PhotoVoyage' combines her masterful black and white photography with her coaching experience to provide a unique way of helping people see themselves in a positive and constructive way.
Put in her own words:

I am someone who coaches people towards better self awareness - "Here I am. This is me and I'm ok" - and I do this by combining great informal B&W photos and conversation.

This is one of the series she took of me.

Some I found quite disturbing - perhaps an image I'd never seen, almost like when you catch yourself in one of those multi-angled mirrors - Oh, so that's what me looks like from that side - others, familiar and comfortable and some a happy surprise. I like the above picture very much; so often I'm trying to smile in a certain way, aware of lines, wrinkles, etc; Penny puts you at total ease and captures the 'real person'.


                                                                     Penny Millar


For more details and contact information, link below.

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