Sunday 22 March 2015

Songs of life: 2

Following songs of life 1, this has to be the sound of my early teens. (Sorry Mark!) I must have played this record about three hundred times on our old hi fi system. My poor mother was very forgiving, only occasionally sighing and suggesting we might listen to the other two vinyls we owned at that point (afore-mentioned Beatles album, and Bridge over Troubled Water).
All my friend's bedrooms were plastered with David Cassidy's simpering smile and Donny Osmond's gleaming grin; my posters were of Mud, and in particular Rob Davies. Yes, the one with the big hair, earrings, glittery cat-suits and, actually, brilliant guitar playing. I just loved him and no one else did seemingly. I suppose there must have been R.D fan clubs, but that was light years before Tumbler etc.
I can still listen to this with a big smile and remember the dance moves at our school disco (oddly on a Wednesday lunchtime - 200 kids with indigestion waving their limbs about before double geography.)

It's a classic bit of Glam Rock: fun, very catchy and to my mind - the best.
I'm having a deja-vu point here. If I've blogged Tiger Feet before . . . well it's too good not to.

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