Friday 13 March 2015

Songs of life: No 1

Music pervades our lives, marking the stages, loves, mistakes, monumental moments, and small everyday routines.
Via my dear friend Penny, I learned that her Brother, Mr Robin Millar, has finally made it to the top of his world - he is to be on Desert Island Discs. Oh, such joy, and what a wonderful thing to be asked to do - compile that essential list. Actually . . . what a task. Where would you start?
Think I'll start right now - and continue over several weeks.
Okay. What song or music reminds me more than any other of my earlier years?
Mm. Probably the Beatles to start with. Mum had very little money - none really, and we had just a few 33s. The one I remember the most was this one:

I seem to remember her saying it had been left at her school, anyway we inherited it and I played it to a crispy pulp (I can't think of a more accurate description).
Roll over Beethoven was so thrilling when I heard it for the first time, and still holds that energy and excitement now.

So, back to our 1960's front room, and the crappy record player on . . .

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