Thursday, 5 March 2015


On our recent trip to London the mega-publicities of the moment were Fifty Shades of Grey - the film and this McDonald's ad.

The F.S of G one was fairly straight forward: bondage, fluffy handcuffs, brooding man looking out of plate-glass office window and blindfolded woman biting bottom lip, etc, etc - yes we got the message: sex, writhing, sweat . . . whatever. Anyway the ad works, whether you want it to or not, in that I gathered what the film was about (how could you miss the meaning unless you have lived in a yak-herders shed on a mountain somewhere without connection to the outside world.
But the Mc D ad . . . er, what?
A freshly cracked egg? What does this mean exactly? Cracked eggs to me mean when I used to work as a cook in an extremely disreputable nursing home, and trays of cracked eggs came in cheap from the supplier. They were fresh in that I had just cracked one into a pan to make an omelette, i.e the action was fresh, but not FRESH as in straight out of a hens behind.
Is this what they mean? A physical person cracking an egg on a hotplate? Or do McD eggs usually come glooping out of some massive egg holding container, ready cracked, days/weeks ago. Surely the last thing a fast food eatery wants us to do is think in any depth about where food comes from and how it is prepared . . .  Perhaps just a 'fresh egg' might have been better, or better still a free range one.
The word FRESH is wildly overused in advertising generally: fresh eggs, fresh milk, fresh fruit, veg, salad . . . I did once see a chilled goods lorry on the M1, its sides blazoned with the words - Beyond Fresh.
I wonder if the ad exec responsible for that gem is now considering what to with their redundancy payment.

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