Sunday 23 December 2012

Spring? in the Aude

Well, the world didn't end but I think the seasons definitely got put away in a box and taken out in the wrong order.
Today was late April here - 23 in the shade on the terrace, birds tweeting suggestively and crocus bulbs sticking tentative limbs from the soil. Of course it will all suddenly change into Siberia for a few days at some point - not exactly . . . it said on the news that it had been minus 50 there. Last year we had minus ten for a few days which seemed like two months. Anyway, whatever - it was stunning today and all the desire to be out in the garden reappeared resulting in a spring-cleaned woodpile and lots of weed removal.
This is the D118 to Esperaza, Quillan and eventually the coast. This bank of fog always hangs around the valley in certain weather conditions, rising from the river in billowing white clouds.

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