Sunday, 16 December 2012

Toast post

I don't generally get depressed. Maybe once a month a day might seem a little dim and grimy. Not the weather, I mean in my head. But I'm lucky on the whole that I'm more like the top piece of toast.
Glass half full, that sort of thing.
Somedays are mood swing days though. I know I've blogged about this before, but it always amazes me how seemingly small things can completely swamp you, or elate you. A piece of music can change my mood utterly, by chance, or by intention. Or a phone call, an email, a letter arriving. Sometimes the thing can be so tiny: an unusual bird in the garden, a miscalculation, a packet of tea in the back of the cupboard when you thought you had run out.
Yesterday was a colder day even though the breezes were warm. My emotions ran about out of control. I didn't listen to any music as none seemed to work. Today, still a small leaky boat on a horizonless sea, but I know where the holes are. Toast expression probably a grim line in between.

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