Wednesday, 9 January 2013

between a rock and a hard place

Or perhaps between a rock cake and a JalapeƱo sandwich.

Poor Mark. He is the placid bowl of gazpacho between two troubled soles (souls), probably with hidden turbulent depths, but he remains calm at all times; able to retreat into his shed (music room) when necessary.
Me, the rock cake at the present time . . . mmm, actually a hybrid rock cake with added fondant au chocolat interior: mostly pretty sturdy and reasonably sweet with the occasional nasty overcooked raisin but with unstable centre - likely to collapse at any given moment.
Ezra: Overfilled sandwich stuffed with millions of ingredients, mostly interesting ones, but with a Russian roulette-style lurking chilli here and there.
One of the chillis emerged this morning after a quiet start when Ezra ejected his toothbrush into the loo resulting in much stomping and screeching.
The rock cake is feeling stale today. Will tackle list of things that are becoming urgent and head out into the wilds for a bit. The morning is dark grey: a seeping sort of weather, but good for poetry, song lyrics and melancholic reflection.

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