Friday 18 January 2013

Building No 13

Wooh, steady on Limoux planning dept . . . there must be someone new working there - someone who can see beyond the rectangular pink or yellow boxes with orange tiled roof that most contractors erect around here.
We stumbled upon this part-made house up in the heights above Limoux: eco in its build: loads of insulation and South facing. Hope they're going to put in all sorts of exciting grey-water collecting devices, renewable energy systems etc.

Ugly as a cheap airport building at the moment, but I can imagine the light streaming in through those large windows; the owner standing with cup of tea/Martini/Pastis, admiring the view of Limoux and the whole valley stretching out into the distance.
Think I would have put a whole run of windows into the top, sticky-out portion of the construction, however. But what do I know . . .

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