Tuesday 15 January 2013

Ist Jam of 2013

Marmalade to be precise.
It's a filthy day: hail, sheeting rain, all animals inside asleep and lots of computer/paper work being done.
Between other jobs, Mark is making marmalade. Each year we say 'Hey lets drive to Seville and buy the oranges there . . . ' so far we've only got as far as the local green grocers.

Mark's method:
Wash and cut oranges in half.
Boil then simmer until slightly soft. Makes it much easier to de-seed and cut oranges.
Ask wife (me) how busy she is and let her do next bit if possible. Scrape out seeds and cut oranges into thin slices. Or chunky slices - thin in this household as more people are likely to eat it.
Put seeds in a pan and boil up for pectin, (or put seeds in little muslin bag to cook with fruit, if indeed you have such a thing.)

Boil up fruit and sugar; kilo of oranges-kilo of sugar.
Drip bit of unset jelly onto a cold plate from time to time . . . oh, I'm sure everyone knows this bit - to see if it's set.
Find bag of web-covered jars in shed/attic. Wash and fill. Voila!

Make toast/butter/marmalade and tea and sit front room by fire/radiator, listening to howling wind and crows in the treetops.

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