Monday, 7 January 2013


Just had a two minutes look on the net for translation mistakes having come across many in a piece writing I was correcting yesterday.
I Rather liked a notice in a Honk Kong dentist: Teeth extracted by the latest Methodists.

One of the restaurants in Limoux attracted many English tourists a couple of summers ago mainly because of its google-translated? menu board.

 Bread with side idiot of tomato: (pain con tomate)
Paving slabs of salmon: (pavé de saumon) etc . . .

We did tell the owner . . . after a while.
Mind you, God knows what I've said over the years. I may have mentioned this one before, but it is my favourite personal language mis-comprehension.
I used to work with a very belligerent French chef years ago. When he got furious and red-faced, jumping up and down in his clogs, gesticulating crazily he would shout: "Oh bord de la mer." Or so I thought - poor thing, he needs a break at the coast . . .
He was actually saying: bordel de merde or brothel of shit to be exact, or - fucking hell, holy shit, and other assorted commonly used . . . things.
Here is a clip by Cyprian a young French gentleman of the Youtube school that we rather like. He covers many topics with a scattering of such previously discussed words with lots of hand and body gestures that you will be familiar with if you live in France.
This one is about coffee and in particular the capsule variety. I love the bit where he describes - in his mind - what coffee with no sugar really tastes like.

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